Medicaid at 50

Celebrate Medicaid at 50

President Lyndon B. Johnson enacted Medicaid July 30, 1965. In the 50 years since, it has been a lifeline of support to women, men and children of all ages when they need it the most.

State and federal policymakers have worked together – often in bipartisan fashion – to modernize Medicaid and transform it into a more nimble, more flexible and more accountable program for patients. Medicaid is also among the nation’s most efficient insurers, costing about 25 percent less than private, employer-sponsored plans while offering more benefits.

A Message to the President and Congress

On July 30, the 50th anniversary of the enactment of the Medicaid program, the Partnership for Medicaid sent the President and Congress a letter, signed by a bipartisan group of 201 national and state leaders from across the country, praising Medicaid’s impact on the nation’s health.

“For half a century, Medicaid has been a lifeline of support to countless millions of individuals and families across the United States,” the letter says. “It has been there when people face life’s most difficult circumstances … and it has provided a solid foundation for well-being by covering preventive screenings and primary care services.”  Read the letter in full | Read our news release

Facts about Medicaid

As we celebrate Medicaid’s 50th birthday, The Partnership for Medicaid wants you to know these useful – and sometimes surprising – facts about Medicaid. You can read all 50 facts here.

Nearly two-thirds of Americans have benefited or know someone who has benefited from Medicaid.
Medicaid beneficiaries are less likely than the uninsured to report unmet health care needs.
Medicaid is one of the most efficient insurance plans, costing 25% less than private plans.
Medicaid gives states flexibility to design their own programs and customize benefits.
Medicaid is an investment in our future - kids with Medicaid grow up to earn more than kids who are uninsured.
People with Medicaid come from all walks of life.

Faces of Medicaid

Medicaid plays a diverse role in the lives of Americans. Here’s the story of one family with Medicaid in Arkansas:

You can see the entire video series developed by by the Kaiser Family Foundation here.